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The Omada Health Report

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Omada Health is widely expected to go public later this year. In anticipation of the company’s S-1 filing, E&O has put together this 5,200-word report, including year-over-year growth in participants, estimates for annual revenue figures going back to 2015, which medical conditions the company could target next, and much, much more.

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It's a good one, too.
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I first met Sean Duffy -- the health entrepreneur, not the US congressman -- at TEDMED 2009. That was the year the founder of TED helped resurrect the medical version of his famed event after a long hiatus. Duffy and I were there for the same reason: He was writing for Medgadget (and he had just started as an MD-MBA candidate at Harvard). I was finishing up my first year as co-founder of MobiHealthNews.

Packed with celebrities, TEDMED had a circus-like atmosphere. Martha Stewart gave a poignant talk about her time in prison. Magician David Blaine taught attendees how to hold our breath for 17-minutes. Even the real Patch Adams bounced around the event's venue. It was surreal.

While I was probably on minute two of a Blaine-sanctioned, breath-holding exercise, Sean Duffy was in the shrimp cocktail line. He was having -- what would turn out to be -- a life-changing conversation with Dennis


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