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Approximating Livongo Health’s S-1

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Digital health company Livongo Health is expected to go public later this year. In anticipation of the company’s S-1 filing, E&O has put together this 3,600-word report, including annual revenue figures, quarterly adoption metrics, regulatory mishaps, acquisitions, growth strategies, predictions and much, much more.

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Less than five years ago, longtime healthcare IT executive Glen Tullman took the stage at TechCrunch Disrupt 2014 and announced the launch of his new startup, a diabetes-focused company called Livongo Health. Incredibly, Livongo launched with an FDA-cleared, cellular-enabled glucose meter, a clinical validation study already underway at the University of Massachusetts, and a handful of paying customers that included Office Depot. On the day it officially launched the company had already achieved milestones that prove elusive to many health startups.


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