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Exits & Outcomes is a new subscription-only, weekly newsletter for digital health strategists, creatives, and operators. It’s a new service created and written by Brian Dolan, the founder of MobiHealthNews, which HIMSS acquired in 2015.

Digital health has matured considerably in the past 12 years since I first started writing about it, but most health tech journalism is still written for those just entering the discussion. Exits & Outcomes (E&O) is a subscription-only, weekly newsletter for digital health strategists, creatives, and operators. It’s for later-stage startups and big company innovation teams. E&O isn’t for newbies or tourists: its focus is on incumbent strategy shifts, challenger companies with traction (and how they achieved it), long-form teardowns, market maps, emergent trends, and other competitive intelligence data.

Above all else, E&O will move beyond the dominant sensationalism in health tech to re-focus and ground the discussion on what’s really working and what might happen next.

Powered by the E&O Database
E&O is one part curator and two parts data-backed journalism. Digital health has been noisy for years and finding the signal is increasingly difficult, especially for someone who already has a full-time job. I’ll spend my week doing that for you, but I’ll have help. For the past two years, I’ve been building a digital health database that tracks nearly 5,000 digital health startups. This data engine will power exclusive insights served up in the E&O weekly newsletter.

About me

Hi. I’m Brian Dolan, the founder and lead writer at Exits & Outcomes. You might know me from my last startup, MobiHealthNews, which we launched in 2008 and sold to HIMSS in 2015.

The New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, BBC and more have quoted me or cited my digital health research, analysis, and reporting. I have spoken at conferences and private engagements in the US, Europe, and the Middle East. Over the years, big tech companies, health systems, medical device makers, pharmaceutical companies and others have subscribed to my digital health research to help forge their strategies.


If you have a tip or story idea, email me here: b@exitsandoutcomes.com

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