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The Google Health Report

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It's a good one, too.
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For the past eight years, Google Health has been shorthand for tech's hubris in healthcare. A cautionary tale. The search giant's failure to drive adoption of Google Health, the name of its unsuccessful and untethered personal health record (PHR), was a topic the industry mulled over for years.

One common conclusion was that Big Tech just didn't get healthcare.

In the years since Google Health's demise, Google launched a biotech company called Calico. It spun up a life sciences company named Verily, which, in turn, helped create various new entities, including a joint venture with Sanofi named Onduo. It has grown its Google Cloud for healthcare business substantially. And yet, it wasn't until recently that the company began to reclaim the old Google Health brand.

While it has had a couple of cringe-worthy, hyped projects (like glucose-sensing contact lenses and noninvasive, optical


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