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Nine thoughts on Teladongo. CPT sneak peek.

Issue 064.

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Welcome to E&O.

Last week I wrote about Hinge Health's plan to evolve into a virtual clinic and Livongo's diabetes prevention ramp up. Here's what's happening this week:

  • Three important posts below: 1) thoughts on the Teladongo merger. 2) a preview of the (many) digital health-related CPT codes the AMA editorial panel could greenlight this year. 3) breaking news that Proteus got zero bites at auction, so Otsuka will likely snag the assets for that low-low stalking horse bid.
  • CMS says virtual DPP still a no-go: In-person diabetes prevention programs (DPP) participating in the Medicare version of the program can offer virtual classes during the pandemic, but virtual DPP providers are still not allowed to participate in the Medicare program: "The MDPP expanded model was certified to provide in-person services

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It's a good one, too.
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Cigna bought MDLIVE for $2B cash in 2021
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Pricing Database update: 60+ digital health prices.
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