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20 percent of Rx-only digital therapeutics have studies so far.

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Last week I wrote about Teladongo, no bids for Proteus, and a pretty lengthy list of digital health-related CPT codes that the AMA's editorial panel is set to consider in October. Here's what's happening this week:

  • I'm working on a long-form report focused on Evidation Health. Any insights, metrics, rumors you can share? What would you like to better understand about Evidation? Hit reply to send me tips and questions.
  • Also, last week -- about an hour after I send the newsletter -- the AMA broke the link to its list of potential CPT codes. Here's a working link, which they updated seemingly because of a copy-paste error. (This new URL will likely break once they make an edit in September since -- mindbogglingly -- their URLs use a numeral to denote the month.)
  • The Lazarus of Digital

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It's a good one, too.
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