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For now, subscriptions are differentiated solely based on the number of seats. All Packages Include:

Exclusive Research Reports

Access to long-form, investigative case studies of digital health companies, including UnitedHealth Group, Omada Health, Pear Therapeutics, Virgin Pulse, and Evidation Health.

Wednesdays: Enrollment-focused Newsletter

Every other Wednesday, E&O digs into digital health companies that sell to self-insured employers and others that rely on enrollment-based distribution. Digital health stacks at Fortune 500s, enrollment tactics, strategy shifts, customer wins, and more.

Fridays: Pharma and Medtech Newsletter

Updates, insights, scoops and maybe a few rumors hit your inbox each week. The latest developments in digital therapeutics and other regulated, clinically-proven digital health.

Mondays: Health Tech Funding Newsletter

Each Monday, E&O publishes the world’s most complete weekly health tech funding round-up, which includes an average of 26 deals (both announced and unannounced). Plus: E&O’s popular health tech trivia challenge.

Growing Library of Mini-databases

Searchable, sortable data sheets that track prescription digital therapeutic pipelines, digital diabetes prevention programs and more.


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