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Trouble in Pear-adise? More details on ESI’s digital formulary.

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Last week's newsletter had a balmy 70 percent open rate. Here's what's happening this week:

  • I spent the past few days at the Boston-based DTx East conference, which was squarely focused on all things digital therapeutics. The event had a handful of standout panels and presos on-stage, but -- as always -- the conversations between sessions proved more informative. Scroll down for my initial writeups, and I'll relay more from the event in next week's note.
  • You likely saw this already but here are quick links for the four FDA guidance documents (updates and mulligans) that the agency posted this week. Their publication coincides with AdvaMed's big MedTech conference. Just so you have the links handy: Here's the updated guidance on mobile medical apps, the updated (after 20 years) guidance on

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It's a good one, too.
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