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Thanks to Apple, Alivecor goes more DTC. Part II: Software as a drug.

Issue 055.

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Last week I wrote up how Welldoc became the first company to get its digital therapy a billing code like a drug. Next week I am open to ideas -- what should E&O dig into? Here's what's happening this week:

  • Meant to include this last week: In Issue 053 I wrote about an RCT focused on a coach-led intervention for depression and anxiety. Small detail, but I missed a step in the IP licensing daisy-chain. Here's how it should have read: "A startup called Actualize Therapy has licensed the intervention for commercialization from the researchers, who incorporated as Adaptive Health." I originally thought Adaptive was the licensee and not the licensor.
  • Striiv, which at one point tried to compete with Fitbit in the early fitness wearable market, looks to be going under finally. Its founding CEO

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It's a good one, too.
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