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Part 1: How one digital therapy got an NDC, and why it will be the last.

Issue 054.

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Welcome to E&O.

Last week I shared new financial details surrounding three recent M&A deals. Next week I'll write Part II of how a piece of software gets coded like a drug. Here's what's happening this week:

  • After a presentation on digital health business models to 100+ health startups in Finland, Sweden, and Iceland, I spent the rest of this week trying to wrap my head around NDC vs UDI coding. Read Part I: How Welldoc got an NDC code -- after the jump.
  • One of the newer prescription digital therapeutics companies I've been tracking (Issue 035) is IBS-focused Mahana Therapeutics. A new Medium post from the company reveals that Mahana's first product will be named Parallel: "Together, we’ve made major strides in a short amount of time. This includes the development of Parallel, Mahana’s first product,

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