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Germany passes DTx formulary, payment law. Outcomes over Exits?

Issue 010. Germany passes DTx formulary, payment law. Outcomes over Exits?

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Last week's newsletter had an A-OK 74 percent open rate. Here's what's happening this week:

  • Your editor, the Unburnt, is back in action after a relaxing few days oceanside.
  • Rulebreakers turned rule makers: Manatt's Lisa Suennen and Health 2.0 Co-Founder Matthew Holt each penned a list of Rules for Health Tech Startups. Holt's vs. Suennen's.
  • Don't call it AI: The UK's NHS made its symptom checker content voice-enabled via Amazon's Alexa.
  • The FCC is looking for comments on its proposed $100M Connected Care pilot, which will provide "an 85% discount on connectivity for broadband-enabled telehealth services that connect patients directly to their doctors" for a range of medical condition.
  • Nature published a worthwhile overview

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