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Excerpts from the Pear Therapeutics Report.

Issue 019.

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  • After weeks of research, I am excited to push live The Pear Therapeutics Report. More on that below, but don't miss this one. Lots of scoops. Anyone working in, partnering with, or investing in digital therapeutics needs to understand Pear Therapeutics in depth. This 4,500-word report is the best way to start.
  • Cognoa, which is developing digital therapeutics for the diagnosis and treatment of autism, inked an important partnership with Eversana that sheds some like on the DTx company's commercialization strategy. Eversana will act as a hub that helps with adjudication and delivery of Cognoa's digital therapeutics.
  • Hinge Health, which offers musculoskeletal-focused digital therapeutic programs, now has

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