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Excerpts from the Pear Therapeutics Report.

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It's a good one, too.
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Issue 019.

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Welcome to E&O.

Last week’s newsletter had a 68 percent open rate. Here’s what’s happening this week:

  • After weeks of research, I am excited to push live The Pear Therapeutics Report. More on that below, but don’t miss this one. Lots of scoops. Anyone working in, partnering with, or investing in digital therapeutics needs to understand Pear Therapeutics in depth. This 4,500-word report is the best way to start.
  • Cognoa, which is developing digital therapeutics for the diagnosis and treatment of autism, inked an important partnership with Eversana that sheds some like on the DTx company’s commercialization strategy. Eversana will act as a hub that helps with adjudication and delivery of Cognoa’s digital therapeutics.
  • Hinge Health, which offers musculoskeletal-focused digital therapeutic programs, now has 85 employers as customers. PwC is among them and often co-presents its own case study for the company. This is from May: A total of 3,389 employees started an application to participate in the program, with 2,750 (81%) completing their application, 2167 (64%) being accepted into the program, and 1,650 (49%) ultimately being onboarded and initiated. Participants averaged two to three exercise therapy sessions a week and they engaged with coaches five or more times a week.
  • Karuna Labs, which uses virtual reality-based programs to help retrain the pain to better deal with chronic pain, has raised $3 million in seed funding.
    * Much-hyped augmented reality unicorn Magic Leap has forged a number of health-related partnerships in recent months, including one with XRHealth. XRHealth’s ARHealth platform offers augmented reality-enabled programs focused on rehabilitation, cognitive training, psychological assessment, and distraction from pain.
    * London-based Bold Health just announced that its digital therapeutic for IBS patients, called Zemedy, is now enrolling 300 beta users for free.
    * Another UK digital therapeutics startup focused on inflammatory conditions, Ampersand Health, announced its acceptance into the DigitalHealth.London accelerator.
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The Pear Therapeutics Report

Pear likes to call itself the Genentech of digital therapeutics while acknowledging and embracing the hyperbole that comes with such a claim.

In this 4,500-word report, E&O digs into the strategic decisions, legal imbroglios, product launches, and the failures that Pear’s management team has successfully navigated over the past five years. Here’s the table of contents for The Pear Therapeutics Report (https://exitsandoutcomes.com/the-pear-therapeutics-report/) :

  • Pear’s therapeutic modalities and therapeutic areas
  • Current product pipeline
  • Pear’s 2016 direct-to-consumer debacle
  • Key struggle: Hiring tech talent to build digital therapeutics
  • Pivot to prescription-only
  • Pear’s asset licensing strategy: “Not in the content business”
  • Two examples (with financial details) of Pear’s licensing agreements
  • How and when Novartis pays Pear
  • Regulatory strategy, accomplishments to date
  • Pear’s funding and investor strategy
  • What’s next for Pear Therapeutics

Paying subscribers can read The Pear Therapeutics Report on the E&O site today.

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