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Akili launches pre-FDA. Korea OKs Samsung BP app.

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It's a good one, too.
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Issue 049.

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Digital health research from Brian Dolan.

Welcome to E&O.

Last week’s newsletter had a 59 percent open rate. Here’s what’s happening this week:

I’ve been heads-down on The 4,400-word Hinge Health Report this past week, which is why this newsletter is mostly just a prompt to dig into the report. More background on it after a few links below…

  • As I predicted in last week’s newsletter, Akili Interactive, which has been waiting on FDA authorization for a long time, launched a version of its ADHD digital therapeutic, Endeavor, under FDA’s latest non-enforcement guidance. No cost to families who qualify. The company is still pursuing 510(K) too: More here.
  • Samsung just received authorization from South Korea’s medical device regulatory agency to market its SaMD cuffless blood pressure monitoring app: “Once your Galaxy Watch Active2 device has been calibrated with a traditional cuff, you can simply tap to “Measure” your blood pressure anytime, anywhere. The device measures blood pressure through pulse wave analysis, which is tracked with the Heart Rate Monitoring sensors.”
  • SmartPatient has a worthwhile summary of hurdles facing digital therapeutics companies looking to secure reimbursement under Germany’s new digital health law.
  • Finally, Novartis has acquired digital therapeutics company Amblyotech, which uses games and videos on screen to train eyes to work together in people who have amblyopia. That’s commonly called “lazy eye”. More here.

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Introducing The Hinge Health Report

This week I am excited to publish the latest long-form E&O research: The Hinge Health Report. E&O has put together this 4,400-word report, including the company’s origin story, its year-over-year growth in participants, estimates for annual revenue figures going back to 2017, which conditions the company could target next, and much, much more.

Hinge Health is a fast-growing, digital health company focused on musculoskeletal (MSK) chronic conditions. Hinge currently dominates one of the bigger subsectors of MSK: Selling surgery avoidance to self-insured employers.

MSK is a large, nebulous sector in digital health. A few weeks ago, I was considering writing a report on the digital health MSK market in general, but the more I dug into it the bigger it became. Outside of surgery avoidance, other areas of MSK that digital health companies are focusing on include surgery prep and post-surgery care plans. Back-to-work, worker’s comp-focused programs are another big area.

MSK-focused companies like Kaia Health, Physera, Peerwell, SimpleTherapy, and many more deserve more attention. Suffice it to say, I’ll be tracking MSK more in this newsletter as part of my weekly coverage.

This week’s report follows E&O’s other deep dives into important companies with a leadership position in their submarket. So, this one is really all about Hinge.

Up until the pandemic hit, Hinge was set to have a banner year of growth. Hinge’s team managed to raise $90 million just before the economy shutdown, which makes it pretty clear the company will survive whatever else happens in 2020.

It probably ends any chance of a bigger company acquiring it this year though.

Read on for more on Hinge.

Quick links to E&O research reports

The links below aim to make it easier for paying subscribers to find the long-form research reports on the E&O site:

Quick links to E&O research reports

The links below aim to make it easier for paying subscribers to find the long-form research reports on the E&O site:

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