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Snippet from The Crossover Health Report. Trivia answer.

Issue 024
Digital health research from Brian Dolan

Welcome back to E&O Mondays, the free newsletter from Exits & Outcomes that usually features the world’s most complete weekly health tech funding round-up.

This week: A snippet from E&O’s brand new Crossover Health Report. The family and I are off to the Berkshire mountains for a few days in western Massachusetts. So, this nearly 6,000-word report on Crossover Health will have to hold you over until I get back. E&O Fridays will still hit your inbox at the end of the week.

 E&O Mondays.

In this issue:

  • Instead of a funding round-up, I’m happy to announce the publication of the latest E&O long-form research report for paying subscribers: The Crossover Health Report. (Check out some of Crossover’s customers in the image below…)
  • Plus: An answer to last week’s kind of easy trivia question along with four smart E&O readers who got it right.
  • Finally, if you’re new to E&O Mondays, this free newsletter isn’t much like the ones I send out Fridays and every-other-Wednesday (or the long-form research reports). Yea, yea, it’s great and all, but you’re really missing out if you only read this funding list each week. So, consider becoming a full-fledged subscriber of E&O by clicking right here…

The Crossover Health Report

Crossover Health might be the only health startup that can count Apple as its first customer. And for reasons we will get into later in this report: Its most recent customer, Amazon, could be its last.

Crossover Health’s Origin Story

Picking a single event that led to the Crossover Health we know today is difficult because the company was woven from a number of threads that ran in parallel for years beforehand. I believe Crossover began to take shape the day that Dr. Martin C. Yee sent Dr. Scott Shreeve a direct message on Twitter in 2010…

In this 5,800-word research report, E&O digs into the past, present, and future of Crossover Health. The report offers up annual revenue figures for the past seven years, customer lists (like the one in the image above), revenue per clinic calculations, PEPM price point estimates, strategy shifts, and what comes next: (more) Amazon or an IPO?

Paying subscribers can read the full Crossover Health Report right here.

Health Tech Trivia Answer

Here is the answer to last week’s kind of easy trivia question.

ICYMI Question: Recently STAT reported that Google was once again toying with the idea of developing some kind of consumer-facing medical records tool. Google, of course, famously attempted this in 2008 before announcing plans to shut down the original Google Health personal health record in 2011. At the time of Google Health’s shuttering, what was the name of Google’s Chief Health Strategist? (Hint: He is currently Head of Health Strategy at Facebook.)

Answer: Roni Zieger. (Many people also mention Adam Bosworth who headed up Google Health in its earliest iterations.) While many of you got it right, here are four of the first E&O readers to reply with the correct answer. Hats off to:

Thanks for playing! Back next week with a new one…

That’s a wrap on E&O Mondays Issue 024.
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