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Secret JNJ health-tech acquisition. VA talks Nest Health?

Issue 058.

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Welcome to E&O.

Last week I wrote about Proteus Digital Health's origins and bankruptcy. Next week I am open to ideas -- what should E&O dig into? Here's what's happening this week:

  • Plenty going on this week with Apple's WWDC event and the American Telemedicine Association's annual conference, but I also dug into a secret (not yet disclosed) J&J acquisition from last summer. If you've worked in digital health for a long time, it's a startup you probably know well... read on below.
  • Apple added sleep tracking and handwashing features to the Apple Watch along with more sophisticated movement tracking for Watch and iPhones. Apple also added more than a dozen new symptoms to its tracking features in HealthKit. Watch these sessions to learn more about the technical updates to various Apple Health-related

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It's a good one, too.
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