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$860M in health tech funding. New Trivia Q.

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 E&O Mondays.

In this issue:

  • I found $860 million in (announced and unannounced) health tech funding deals (equity and debt).
  • There’s also a new Health Tech Trivia Challenge this week…

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The past two weeks’ health tech funding deals

Quite a bit of funding news these past two weeks. The raises listed below that I didn’t see reported anywhere else have a * next to them to indicate this news is first in Exits &Outcomes. OK, here’s what I found for Issue 013:

Lyra Health, which offers virtual mental health care benefits to employers, raised a $187 million Series E.

Sidecar Health raised $125 million for its $240 per member per month health plan that currently targets the uninsured individual market.

K Health, a virtual primary care provider that just added pediatric care services once known as Kang Health, raised a $125 million Series E.

Aledade raised a $100 million Series D for its national network of risk-taking primary care practices (ACOs).

Everlywell just added another $75 million after just raising a $175 million Series D in December.

TimelyMD, a telehealth provider focused on colleges and universities, raised $60 million.

Sword Health raised a $25 million Series B for its virtual MSK care services.

Calibrate, a metabolic health-focused, tech-enabled weight loss company, raised a $22.5 million Series A.

Flywheel Exchange, which offers a platform to medical researchers who analyze medical images, raised $21.1 million in a mix of equity, options, and other securities. Site

Conversa Health, a care and comms platform for health organizations, bumped up its Series B from $12 million to $20 million.

Concert Health, which offers virtual behavioral health care services, raised a $14 million Series A.

* Sitka, a full-stack video telehealth solution and specialty provider network, quietly raised $14 million. Site

* January, which offers a CGM and heart rate monitor-powered, digital nutrition service, quietly added another $10.5 million to its latest raise. Site

Vessel, which offers a urine-based DTC biomarker test for tracking various vitamin levels, announced an $8 million addition to its seed round, which now stands at $14.5 million.

RxRevu, a prescription decision support company, raised a $7 million Series B.

XP Health, an AI-powered vision benefits platform that sells to employers, announced $5 million in seed funding.

Scitara, a laboratory-specific, cloud-based software company focused on pharma companies, raised a $5 million Series A.

Kevala, which sells software to long-term care facilities for staffing and compliance, raised $4 million.

* Odonata Health, which is developing a wearable sensor platform technology to non-invasively acquire maternal and fetal biometric data, quietly added $2.5 million to bring its latest raise to $3.7 million. Site

* Kit, which offers at-home health & lab testing solutions to employers, quietly raised $3.3 million. Site

Sano Genetics, which offers free DTC genetics tests to consumers willing to donate their data to researchers, raised $3.2 million.

* Season, which is a food-as-medicine startup that “uses existing rails in food supply chains to drive proper nutrition to consumers and reduce healthcare costs… via an insurance payer distribution channel,” raised $3.2 million in debt and other securities. Healthy Ventures also added them to their portfolio.

* Elite HRV, which offers both a sensor and a companion app for direct-to-consumer, heart rate variability-based wellness services, quietly raised $3 million. Site

Aavia, a hormone health-focused startup that offers a smart pill case and companion app, raised $2.5 million.

* Nemedio, which offers a platform for medical device companies building robotics, SaMD, or combination products, raised $2.5 million. Site

* Thrive365, a tech-enabled nutrition-focused company formerly known as Diabetes Life Coach, quietly added $1.7 million to bring its latest raise to $2.5 million.

* Medicom Technologies, which knits together disparate silos of health information so that they can be searched and shared, added $2.1 million in additional debt, options, and other securities.

* A Peloton-like competitor, called Arena, quietly raised $1.7 million for its connected, home workout device, which is the size of a suitcase and is constructed as a step box or bench that is “controlled from your smart device, holds a month’s worth of workouts on a single charge and offers resistance up to 200lbs.” Site

* Dynocardia raised another $1.5 million in debt for its wrist-worn blood pressure tracking device. Site

* Vysioneer has quietly raised $1.5 million in options and other securities for its AI-enabled brain tumor imaging analysis. Site

Eli Science raised a $1.5 million seed round for its saliva-based daily hormone tracking technology for women.

* Hygeia, which offers an FDA-cleared insulin titration app, raised $900,000. Site

* Z Imaging, which offers a software development kit to make it easier to build augmented reality-powered surgery guidance, added $800,000 in debt, options, and other securities.

* VaxAtlas raised at least $500,000 in new debt for its personal vaccination health record offering. Site

* Biostream Technologies, which is developing a video game-based therapy for children on the autism spectrum, added another $300,000 to its latest raise. Site

* Ambient Clinical Analytics, which uses Mayo Clinic licensed-IP to offer point-of-care and remote clinical analytics to providers, raised $300,000 in debt and options. Site

* MamaMend, which offers digital resources for childbirth recovery and postpartum health, added $25,000 in options. Site

* Esplanade Health Tech Ventures added Sana Health, which is developing “audiovisual wearable goggles for treatment and relief of chronic pain, sleep, and anxiety,” to its portfolio. Site

* Polaris Ventures added SpineZone, a digital health company that offers a six-week program and remote coaches for back and neck pain, to its portfolio. Site

* Sparrow Ventures decided to shut down smoking cessation company Quit4Good after a three-month pilot because it said employers were focused on other therapeutic areas during the pandemic.

Health Tech Trivia Question

Here’s this week’s health tech trivia question…

Question: Some digital health companies have a legal name that most of us don’t know, and they use a D/B/A (doing business as) brand that we do know. So, here’s the question: Can you name both of the D/B/A (doing-business-as) brands of these two legal names: 1. Reciprocal Labs Corp. 2. Informed Data Systems Inc. (Hint: The first one was acquired in recent years and the second one is mentioned in this very newsletter issue.)

Rules: No Googling — just hit reply and guess. And when you reply, let me know if I can share your name if you get it right — along with a link to your LinkedIn, Twitter, or company’s website.

Next Monday: The answers…

That’s a wrap on Issue 013 of E&O Mondays.
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