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That weird FDA de-regulatory notice.

Welcome back to E&O Fridays, a paying subscribers-only weekly newsletter focused on the world of digital pharma products and FDA-regulated digital health. Thanks to everyone who sent over names of digital health startups that spun out of pharmaceutical companies. (I received a lot of emails.) Working on a round-up of those for next week, so hit reply if you think I might be missing any.

 E&O Fridays.

OK, here's what's happening this week in the world of pharma digital products and FDA-regulated digital health:

  • The big hire this week goes to Amalgam Rx, which just announced that the COO of CMS, Jennifer Main, will join the company next month as its COO and CFO.
  • Meanwhile, investment dollars continue to flow: Happify Health announced a sizeable $73 million Series D led by Deerfield Management Company.
  • The big product launch this week goes to AstraZeneca, which officially 

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