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Seven secret health tech deals

Issue 056

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Seven secret (or under-reported) health tech funding deals from recent weeks

Instead of rehashing the dozens of funding deals you’ve already read about, I focused this week on a few deals that you likely have not yet read about. (Unless noted otherwise in the write-ups below, these are all first in E&O — as far as I can Google.)

Keep in mind: Most of the amounts listed below are currently unannounced equity deals, so the full amount the company raises and eventually announces may be higher than the numbers you read here. Read on for more funding you might see reported elsewhere in the weeks ahead…

$25 million – Sibel Health – (Notably, the full amount came from a single investor.) This typically quiet startup originally developed wearable sensors for newborns when it spun out of John Rogers’ lab in Northwestern University a few years back. Now, Sibel’s FDA-cleared “ANNE One platform is a wireless, flexible, and rechargeable monitoring system indicated for the measurement of multiple vital signs in the healthcare setting for clinical decision-making by medical providers for patients 18 years or older. It includes a companion mobile device pre-loaded with ANNE View software to visualize clinical data in real-time.” Site

$8.6 million – NextSense – Here’s another spin-out. NextSense started as a project at Google’s X Division — Wired had a great profile on the startup in April. However, as far as I can tell, the recent funding round has yet to be reported. The filing shows that NextSense has raised $8.6 million out of a hoped-for $20.5 million round. So, that might be why they haven’t announced the raise yet. More: “Powered by a disruptive brain-sensing earbud technology and digital ecosystem, our mission is to establish new ways of diagnosing and optimizing therapy for diverse neurological conditions. We hope to unlock brain health for everyone with real-world data insights and practical, scientific wisdom for daily living.” Site

$6.2 million – Posterity Health – “Posterity Health is the only digital male fertility platform that empowers males to learn about their fertility and take action.” Site

$5.5 million – ReferWell – “ReferWell connects providers into Virtually Integrated Networks that optimize care transitions. We help you drive the patient journey through the last mile with complete visibility into all interactions — so providers and payers can close the loop efficiently.” Site

$4.9 million – Stepful – This is an online vocational training program that preps people to take exams to become phlebotomy technicians, medical assistants, and other healthcare jobs. “Our tuition includes online instructor led classes on Zoom, electronic textbook, practice quizzes and flashcards, National Healthcareer Association certification exam prep, and dedicated 1:1 coaching and job placement support.” Site

$4.6 million – Agora Health – “Designed for lasting change: Agora’s virtual gut health program combines behavior science and clinical protocols to help you get to better, faster.” Site

$4.2 million – SuperBill – This startup will help you pay your healthcare bills while also trying to find ways to save. They charge a monthly fee to the patient for the service. “Sign up, upload your bills, and we’ll file health insurance claims. If you’re eligible, you could get money back from your insurer.” Site

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