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Nine secret health tech funding deals. New puzzle

Issue 035

Welcome back to E&O Mondays, the free newsletter from Exits & Outcomes that features health tech puzzles and trivia, new and under-the-radar funding news, paid content teasers and other digital health odds and ends.

 E&O Mondays.

In this issue:

  • Nine under-the-radar or not-yet-reported health tech funding deals.
  • A brand new Health Tech Rebus Puzzle…
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Nine secret (or under-reported) health tech funding deals from the past two weeks

Instead of rehashing the dozens of funding deals you’ve already read elsewhere, I focused this week on a number of deals that you likely have not yet read about. (These are all first in E&O — as far as I can Google.)

  • $25.7 million in equity and other securities – Meru Health – This news is likely to break soon if it hasn’t by the time this newsletter goes out. “Meru Health is an online healthcare provider that offers an evidence-based program to reduce anxiety, depression, and burnout.” Site
  • $19.9 million – Verifiable – Credentialing as a service: “A modern provider data engine delivering real-time verifications and powerful automation to simplify credentialing and provider network management.” Site
  • $4.3 million – Monitored Therapeutics – “Monitored Therapeutics Inc. (MTI) is Respiratory Telehealthcare Company focused on COPD, Asthma, Lung Transplant, and Cystic Fibrosis with four proprietary products – GoSpiro Home Spirometer, GoHome Patient Health Monitor, GoClinic, GoECG and the MTI CarePortal.” Site
  • $2.1 million – KinoTek – “KinoTek is a vertically integrated movement analysis software company. Move.ly, the company’s flagship software product, captures objective movement data that informs clinicians, educates patients and improves quality of care.” Site
  • $1.9 million – Strados Labs – Strados is a respiratory-focused digital health startup that recently secured FDA clearance for its first device, RESP. Here’s more on RESP from the company’s clearance announcement in December: “The RESP system has been used in clinical trials to help researchers quantify changes in lung sounds over time to compare against treatments, patient-reported outcomes, and other vital signs.” Site
  • $1.8 million – Hank AI – Hank AI is focused on automating work for medical coders – “Hank is a cognitive automation platform that combines traditional machine learning with crowdsourced knowledge to automate repetitive decision-making tasks.” Site
  • $495,000 – LifeGait – The company was formed “to leverage the Internet of Things, big data and its patented gait technology to provide health and safety products to the mass market” and its first commercial application is SportsGait, which aims to diagnose concussions. Site
  • $405,000 – WalkWise – This company makes a device that attaches to walkers to turn them into remote monitoring devices. “Compliance is a non-issue by eliminating the need for daily action, a smartphone, or a wearable. No other technology addresses walker use compliance as a method for preventing falls, despite scientific evidence of the link. Smartwatches simply do not work for walker users, as their wrists do not move while ambulating.” Site
  • $200,000 – VelloHealth – Newish startup from the former CEO of LiveProcess, which also built collaborative software for hospital teams, Nathaniel Weiss. “The VelloHealth Collaboration Platform is an integrated mobile and laptop/desktop solution that helps [serious mental illnesses] care teams better collaborate to provide optimal treatment.” Site

Health Tech Rebus Question

Here’s this week’s Rebus puzzle.

Here’s how to play: This kind of puzzle is called a Rebus. Write down or think of the word for what’s pictured in each box as a starting point. Then swap letters (if you see =), or remove letters (when you see -), or add letters (when you see +) at the beginning, middle, or end of the words as noted. Then sound it out.

Hint: When a mobile medical app includes this disclaimer in its AppStore description, scroll on…

That’s a wrap on E&O Mondays 035.
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