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Five pharma companies talk digital therapeutic partnerships, DTx pricing, and more

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It's a good one, too.
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At the recent (virtual, of course) DTx East event, which is typically held in Cambridge, MA, five pharma executives discussed the current state of digital therapeutics. This was probably the best panel at the event and it covered a range of important topics:

  • How far along pharma companies view digital therapeutics
  • Advice for approaching pharma companies for collabs
  • When do pharma companies build vs buy DTx?
  • My favorite: How pharma companies think about pricing for digital therapeutics
  • And more...

Read on for a lightly edited transcript of this panel's conversation, which started with these intros for the five panelists:

Rachel Sha, Vice President, Digital Business Development, Sanofi

We help identify, value, and structure relationships with companies interested in partnering with Sanofi to solve two kinds of problems: One is, how do we do what we do in pharma better, faster, cheaper.


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