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$380M in health tech funding. Trivia Question.

Welcome back to E&O Mondays, the free newsletter from Exits & Outcomes that features the world’s most complete weekly health tech funding round-up.

 E&O Mondays.

In this issue:

  • I found around $380 million in (announced and unannounced) health tech funding deals (equity and debt). That’s much higher than last week’s $250 million, but still a bit low compared to recent issues.
  • Also: A brand new trivia question, which might be the easiest yet?

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This week’s health tech funding deals

This week I found 23 funding deals, including a big one from Zocdoc.

Updates: In Issue 013 of E&O Mondays, I reported on Sitka‘s then-unnannounced $14 million raise. The company officially shared the news this week. In Issue 009 of E&O Mondays, I reported on an SEC filing for RapidSOS‘s then-unannounced, big raise. This week the company shared its latest round was bigger than what it reported in the filing — $85 million. As always, the deals listed below that I didn’t see reported anywhere else have a * next to them to indicate this news is first in Exits & Outcomes.

OK, here’s what I found for Issue 015:

Zocdoc announced $150 million in growth financing from Francisco Partners, the same investment firm that acquired Qualcomm Life’s assets and recently sold them to Philips and UnitedHealth Group. Zocdoc has long been known as an online appointment booking site for doctor office visits, but during the pandemic, it added video visits and COVID vaccine scheduling.

Modern Health, a tech-enabled mental health services provider, raised a $74 million Series D from Founders Fund after just having raised a $51 million Series C in December 2020.

* Transparent Health Marketplace, which connects payors and providers of workers’ compensation healthcare services via an “open, automated and transparent marketplace,” upped the $15 million raise E&O reported on in November to a $27.6 million financing that included a mix of both equity and debt.

Theator, which offers an AI- and computer vision-enabled intelligence platform for surgeons, raised a $15.5 million Series A.

Equip, which offers remote evidence-based eating disorder treatment to families at home, raised a $13 million Series A. Optum Ventures led with help from new investor .406 Ventures and return backer F-Prime Capital.

* Blue Note Therapeutics, a digital therapeutics startup focused on cancer, quietly raised $13 million. JAZZ Venture Partners is the only venture firm with boards seats at Blue Note currently. Site

Insightin Health, a healthcare-focused member engagement company, raised a $12 million Series A co-led by the Blue Venture Fund and Blue Heron Capital. Site

Gentem Health, which helps physician practices by streamlining the reimbursement process by handling the end-to-end billing and revenue cycle processes and by reimbursing physicians upfront, raised a $10 million Series A.

eConsult, which provides digital triage tools to the NHS in the UK, raised $9.7 million.

* Mymee, which offers digital care tools and programs for people with chronic autoimmune diseases, quietly raised $8.7 million. Site

* PatientBond, which offers patient engagement as a service and uses “a proprietary psychographic segmentation model to motivate healthcare consumer behaviors” raised an $8.2 million Series C. The company did acknowledge that it raised a Series C this month but did not officially disclose the amount.

* Here’s an interesting one: FOXO Technologies quietly raised $7 million in debt and other securities. Here’s FOXO’s pitch: “As we reimagine the future of longevity insurance underwriting and support the growth of global longevity markets with a next-generation underwriting protocol, we seek to discover and understand the role epigenetic biomarkers play in individual health, wellness, and aging in order to empower people to improve the length and quality of their lives, and make more informed choices that benefit their health.” Site

* Apollo Neuroscience, which has developed a wearable that aims to increase the body’s resilience to stress, quietly raised $5.9 million in debt, options, and other securities. The company recently announced its growth metrics here.

* Hint Health, which offers practice management technology and services to direct primary care providers, quietly raised $5.1 million. Site

* City Health Works, which offers health coaching and chronic care management services for people with metabolic, cardiovascular, and pulmonary conditions, quietly raised $5 million in debt and other securities. Site

Base, which offers a spit test for at-home labs that it uses to build personalized, app-based programs for improved diet, sleep, stress and fatigue, raised $3.4 million, according to MobiHealthNewsSite

* OnCall Health, which offers virtual care software that clinics and other healthcare providers can white-label, quietly raised $3.2 million. Flare Capital has a board seat so it’s likely a participant in this round. Site (This one reminds me of Wheel.)

* VIOME, which offers direct-to-consumer gut biome tests and supplements, raised $3 million in debt. Site

* YOR LABS, which is developing a pocket-sized ultrasound machine that it says is a “whole-body wireless probe,” raised another $2 million in debt and other options. Site Bangladesh-based

Maya, which offers telehealth services in that country, raised $2.2 million in seed funding, according to TechCrunch.

Daybreak Health, an online counseling service for teens, raised $1.8 million in seed funding.

* Myndlift, which offers therapist-guided remote neurofeedback for mental health, quietly raised$1.3 million. Site

* AngelEye Health, which offers virtual visits between patients in the hospital with their families at home, quietly raised $920,000. AngelEye is currently deployed throughout the EU. Site

Health Tech Trivia Question

Here’s a new Health Tech Trivia Question.

Rules: Don’t use Google. Just guess. Hit reply and email me your answer along with if you want me to include your name/company, just your initials, or keep it anonymous. I’ll provide the answer next Monday along with the first three (3) people to get it right (if anyone does). I’m happy to link out to your company’s website too, and that might be worth a lot in SEO mojo someday, who knows?

Question: At one time Aetna had an ambitious digital health platform that (and this might be generous) was trying to be what Apple’s HealthKit is today. What was this failed project’s name? (No hints this time because I think this one might be too easy already.)

Hit reply if you know!

Whew, that’s a wrap on Issue 015 of E&O Mondays.
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