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$1B in health tech funding. Elon Musk trivia.

Issue 027

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 E&O Mondays.

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  • This past week’s round-up includes another $1 billion in health tech funding.
  • Plus: A new Elon Musk-themed trivia question.
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Yet another $1B health tech funding week.

Here’s what I found for health tech funding this past week.

Incredibly, it was another week of $1 billion in funding deals. If you see a * in front of the funding news below, that means E&O reported first. (It also means the company may end up announcing a larger amount of money once the round closed and the funding is official.)

Like last week, I simplified this list to remove funding verb-choice bias. If you’re missing the full sentence structure, however, please assume that most of these companies “squirreled away” their latest round of funding, (but also know that I strongly believe one of them “scrounged up” their funding). Also, this week as an experiment I used the description of the company from their official Twitter bio (minus hashtags). The results were mixed:

$280 million – Collective Health – Series F. Lead: HCSC. “Combining technology and the human touch to improve healthcare for employers and their people.” Release

$110 million – Vida Health – Series D. Lead: General Atlantic. “Vida pairs you with your own health coach and program. It’s like having your own personal trainer, nutritionist and therapist all-in-one, always by your side.” Release

$100 million – Oura – Series C. Leads: Chernin Group and Elysian Park (The Dodgers). “Better lives through better sleep.” TechCrunch

$80 million – Florence – Series C. Lead: Insight Partners. “Advancing and accelerating clinical research through software.” Release

$80 million – Halodoc – Series C. Lead: PT Astra International. Translated Twitter bio from the original Indonesian: “Chat doctor, buy medicine, make an appointment, access 24 hours.” MobiHealthNews

$75 million – Kaia Health – Series C. Lead: Undisclosed PE growth equity fund. “A leading digital therapeutics company that develops AI-powered, evidence-based treatments for conditions like musculoskeletal pain & COPD.” And, also — I missed this one in last week’s newsletter somehow. It was on my list, but didn’t make it into the newsletter. TechCrunch

$60 million – Vim – Series B. Lead: Walgreens. “The easiest way for payers to connect to providers.” Release

$53 million – ZOE – Series C. Lead: Ahren Innovation Capital. “Understand how your body responds to food so you can take back control of your health and weight.” Release

$45 million – Vori Health – Series A. Lead: NEA. “Healthcare startup focused on improving muscle and joint care through integrated virtual-first care.” Release

$20 million – Heartbeat Health – Series B. Lead: Echo Health Ventures. “We’re on a mission to deliver the most effective, efficient, and engaging heart care in the world.” Release

$8 million – Elucid – Series A. Lead: MedTex Ventures and Global Health Impact Fund. “Elucid is improving the way cardiovascular disease is diagnosed & treated by applying machine learning to image analysis with ElucidVivo.” Release

$6.6 million – ifeel – Series A. Lead: Nauta Capital. Translated from the original Spanish bio: “A safe space where you can share your emotions with professional therapists. Because your emotional well-being matters.” TechCrunch

$5.4 million – Expressable – Series: Seed. Lead: Lerer Hippeau and NextView Ventures. “Expressable offers online speech therapy with the industry’s best professionals – and for significantly less money than traditional therapy.” TechCrunch

$4.2 million – Little Otter – Series: Pre-seed and seed. Lead: Torch Capital. No Twitter account, so this is from their site: “Little Otter is the only family-first mental health service designed just for children. Connect with trusted providers from your device and get support for your big and little worries in minutes, not months.” Forbes (paywalled)

* $4.1 million (options and equity) – DeltaTrainer – No Twitter, from their site: “Your trainer provides workout, motivation, and nutrition support via unlimited video calls and messaging.” Site

* $2.5 million – ThrivePass – “Wellness, simplified. Providing customizable solutions to corporate wellness programs.” Site

* $2.5 million – Beam Health – Ah, another “leading” qualifier in a Twitter bio: “Healthcare’s Leading Digital Operations Platform.” Site

* $2 million – ADHD Online – “Our platform offers a certified ADHD assessment from our network of doctorate-level psychologists, and treatment from board-certified physicians where available.” Site

* $1.6 million – Inspiren – No Twitter bio but it makes a device, called AUGi, that is mounted in the patient’s room in the hospital to automatically capture conversations with the care team. Site

* $1.5 million – Predictive Fitness – No Twitter bio but the company’s site explains that it “uses big data and advanced analytics to transform individuals’ fitness data, biometrics, and genetics into highly accurate and actionable intelligence used to power applications for athletes, device manufacturers, and race producers.” Site

* $300,000 – Sniffle Health – “Sniffle connects doctors and patients via our secure mobile app to diagnose non-emergency symptoms to improve convenience, efficiency, and access in healthcare.” Site

Health Tech Trivia Question

Last week’s trivia question was the first one submitted by an E&O subscriber.

Rules: Don’t use Google. Just guess. Hit reply and email me your answer along with whether you want me to include your name/company, just your initials, or keep it anonymous. I’ll provide the answer next Monday along with the first three (3) people to get it right — if anyone does! I’m happy to link out to your company’s website too, which might be worth a lot in SEO mojo someday, who knows?

Question: In the mid-90s before he started his first startup Zip2, Elon Musk and his brother Kimbal worked on a concept for what we would call a digital health company today. Obviously, they didn’t pursue the idea, but they spent some time developing it. In a few words, explain the concept for the Musk brothers’ 1994 digital health idea. If it’s easier, what is the name of a current digital health company that is similar to what the Musk brothers considered building?

Hints: This was revealed in Ashlee Vance’s biography of Musk from 2015. When the book came out, I read it and had my team at MobiHealthNews write this piece of trivia up. So, you may have read about it in Mobi back in the day…

Hit reply if you know…

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