Digital health reimbursed in Germany via DiGA

The table below is a recent snapshot of the digital health products that the German government has opted to reimburse via its fast-track program for regulated digital health products, named DiGA. While the number of products in this list originally stood at just six in the first iteration of this mini-database, it has grown since. This database will also track which digital health products temporarily added to the German government’s list of reimbursed ones end up being removed.

Much more information is available on each of these (in German) over at the official DiGA directory here.

ProductCompanyIndicationsDate Added to DiGADescriptionHardwarePrice (Euro)
InvirtoSympatient GmbHAgoraphobia: Without mentioning a panic disorder;
Agoraphobia: With panic disorder; Social phobias; Panic disorder [episodic paroxysmal anxiety]
12/03/2020Invirto uses CBT with exposure training.Invirto VR glasses, Invirto headphones428.40
Kalmedamynoise GmbHringing in the ears09/25/2020A months-long guideline-based, behavioral therapy that includes relaxation tools.N/A116.97
somniomementor DE GmbHInorganic insomnia10/22/2020Evidence-based and guideline-compliant content from the field of CBT for insomnia.Fitbit (optional, additional cost)464
velibraGAIA AGAgoraphobia: With panic disorder; Social phobias; Panic disorder [episodic paroxysmal anxiety]; Generalized anxiety disorder10/01/2020Web-based program that teaches established methods and exercises in CBT.N/A476
ViviraVivira Health Lab GmbH40 specific indications related to back, knee and hip pain10/22/2020Movement therapy consisting of four exercises daily that continuously adjust intensity and complexity based on feedback.N/A239.97
zanadioaidhere GmbHObesity10/19/2020Multimodal, conservative obesity therapy focused on changing habits related to exercise, nutrition and other behavior.N/A499.80
elevidaGAIA AGMultiple Sclerosis12/15/2020Elevida is a digital health application that uses CBT to help people with multiple sclerosis who also have fatigue.N/A743.75
M-sense MigraineNewsenselab GmbHMigraine12/16/2020A comprehensive digital treatment program for migraine patients that includes a headache diary, trigger management, physiotherapy exercise videos, and audio for relaxation.N/A219.99
RehappyRehappy GmbHAfter care for stroke victims12/29/2020An app that provides personalized motivation by personality type, an activity tracker, and access to a web portal where users can share tips with other stroke patients.N/A449
Selfapy's Online Course on DepressionSelfappy GmbHDepression12/16/2020A psychologist-monitored online course based on cognitive behavioral therapy for people with depression. N/A540
deprexisGAIA AGDepression2/20/2021Interactive online-based self-help program for therapy support for depression and depressive moods.N/A297.50
MikaFosanis GmbHCervical cancer, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer3/25/2021An app that uses CBT, ACT and other interventions to reduce stress resulting from cancer diagnosis and therapy.N/A419
Mindable: Panic Disorder and AgoraphobiaMindable Health GmbHPanic disorder, agoraphobia4/29/2021App that uses CBT and focuses on getting used to body symptoms (habituation through targeted symptom provocation), as well as in-vivo confrontation.N/A576
CANKADO PRO-React OncoCANKADO Service GmbHBreast cancer5/03/2021An app and website that allows patients to record symptoms, which trigger a prompt to talk to a doctor if warranted.N/A499.80
vorvidaGAIA AGharmful alcohol consumption or alcohol dependence5/06/2021CBT-based app that offers motivation for change, help with addictive pressure, tips for risky situations, and help with relapses.N/A476
Selfapy's Online Course on Generalized Anxiety DisorderSelfappy GmbHGeneralized Anxiety Disorder6/19/2021A psychologist-monitored online course based on cognitive behavioral therapy for people with GAD. N/A540
Selfapy's Online Course for panic disorderSelfappy GmbHPanic disorder6/19/2021A psychologist-monitored online course based on cognitive behavioral therapy for people with panic disorder. N/A540
Non-smoking Hero appNon-smoking Heroes GmbHSmoking cessation7/03/2021An app used to monitor, treat and alleviate a diagnosed tobacco addictionN/A239
Esysta - Digital diabetes managementEmperra GmbHDiabetes Type I and Type II7/04/2021App for people with either Type I or Type II and use insulin. Imports data from BGMs and insulin pens and provides "traffic" light feedback and seven-day trends.N/A249.86