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$1.1B in funding. New health tech puzzle

Issue 031
Digital health research from Brian Dolan

Welcome back to E&O Mondays, the free newsletter from Exits & Outcomes that features the world’s most complete weekly health tech funding round-up.

 E&O Mondays.

In this issue:

  • A rundown of the past two weeks in health tech funding, which added up to more than $1.1 billion.
  • Then: A new health tech-themed Rebus puzzle. (Hit reply with the answer if you get it.)
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Two weeks: $1.1B billion in health tech funding.

Here’s what I found for health tech funding these past two weeks: More than $1.1 billion. If you see a * in front of the funding news below, that means E&O reported first. (It also means the company may end up announcing a larger amount of money once the round closes and the funding is official.)

As always, I simplified this list to remove those off funding verbs you see in other write-ups. (“Company X grabbed [why not ‘earned’?] $5 million in funding.”) If you’re missing the full sentence structure, however, please assume that most of these companies “scooped up” their latest round of funding, (but also know that I believe one of them “cobbled together” their funding).

For the most part, I used the companies’ own descriptions from their press releases or About pages instead of trying to deciphering what they do myself.

$200 million – Lyra Health – Series F – Led by Coatue Management – provider of comprehensive mental health care benefits for employers Site

$160 million – Monogram Health – Series B – Led by TPG Capital – benefit management and care delivery company focused on individuals with chronic kidney and end-stage renal disease Release

$150 million – LetsGetChecked – Series D – Led by Casdin Capital – virtual care company providing telehealth services, pharmacy, and at-home diagnostics Release

$127 million – Cerebral – Series B – Led by Access Industries – Online provider visits, care counseling, and prescriptions for anxiety and depression Release

$72 million – Brightline – Series B – Led by GV – comprehensive virtual behavioral health solution designed specifically to support children, teenagers, and their families Release

$60 million – Betterfly – Series B – No lead – Latin America-focused insurance company focused on members’ mental, physical and financial well-being Release

$58 million – Transcarent – Series B – Led by General Catalyst and 7wireVentures – consumer-directed health and care platform for employees at self-insured employers Release

* $56 million – Stellar Health – helps payors engage and incentivize providers and practice staff in value-based arrangements Site

$41.9 million – The Pill Club – Series B extension – Led by Base 10 – birth control provider via text or telemedicine Release

$34 million – Zus Health – Series A – Led by a16z – Jonathan Bush-led shared health tech development platform backed by a shared data record Release

$30 million – Stork Club – Series A – Led by General Catalyst – “extend traditional employee benefits to include historically overlooked, yet critical components of maternal health” Release

$21 million – Protenus – Series D – No lead – uses artificial intelligence to reduce risk and save resources for health systems Release

* $20.1 million – Bicycle Health – Series A – This one is mentioned on Pitchbook too but no announcement or other press reports as far as I could tell – Looks like they are going for a $27 million round – “Evidence-based, online treatment for opioid addiction” Site

$20 million – Hawthorne Effect – Series A – Led by Northpond Ventures – tech platform for decentralized clinical trials Release

* $20 million – Pager – This one is still unannounced and the company looks to be aiming for a $50 million round – “helps consumers navigate their entire care journey, connecting them to the right care, in the right place, at the right time — like having a doctor in your family” Site

$20 million – Liteboxer – Series A – Led by Nimble Ventures – at-home fitness company that combines hardware, game dynamics, hit music, and expert training to create immersive workouts Release

$18 million – Mendel – Series A – Led by DCM – clinical AI platform that understands the unstructured, natural language content within medical documents Release

$15 million – Sempre Health – Series B – Led by Blue Venture Fund – “works with leading health plans and pharmaceutical companies to reduce out-of-pocket costs for patients who refill their prescriptions on time” Release

$15 million – Faro Health – Series A – Led by Section 52 – cloud-computing company that simplifies the design and authoring of complex clinical studies for biopharma and medical device customers Release

$12 million – Form Health – Series A – Led by M13 – obesity-focused telemedicine provider Release

$10 million – Ride Health – Led by Topmark Partners – provider of smarter transportation for every patient need Release

$10 million – Rise Science – Series A – Led by Goodwater Capital – “…shows you the peaks and valleys of your energy levels throughout the day, as well as how to improve sleeping habits to boost energy” Crunchbase

$6 million – DUOS – Seed – Led by Redesign Health – provides a personal assistant for aging — a Duo — to help older adults stay healthy and age independently in their own homes Release

$4.6 million – BEKHealth – Led by Excelerate Health Ventures – clinical research software platform Release

$4.2 million – Nirvana Health – “…streamlines the day-to-day business functions of practice management for therapists” VentureBeat

$3.1 million – Uplift – Seed – Led by Redesign Health – “…bridge between patient, provider and insurer, guiding patients to find the best therapist for their needs at a price they can afford and enabling both virtual and in-person visits” FierceHealthcare

$3 million – BASMA – Series A – Led by MEVP – digital healthcare platform working on redefining the orthodontics support experience Release

$3 million – Opya – integrated autism care that includes in-person and telemedicine Site

$3 million – Framework – Seed – Led by True Ventures – platform designed to help health and wellness businesses create branded virtual wellness programs Release

* $2.5 million – Aveta [dot] Life – Aveta [dot] Life offers a rapid diagnostic kit, Hormonometer, and personalized digital health platform Site

* $2.5 million – Mon Ami – Probably the start of its Series A (hoping for $4.9 million) – health tech company focused on social isolation in aging Site

$2.5 million – Allara – Seed – Led by Global Founders Capital – virtual care provider focused on polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) TechCrunch

$2 million – Ksana Health – Seed – Led by re.Mind Capital – “digitally transforms the practice of behavioral healthcare by converting the quantifiable behavioral patterns that are continuously and passively collected by smartphones into actionable and objective insights for practitioners and their patients” Site

* $2 million – WellBrain – digital chronic pain management and addiction prevention platform Site

Undisclosed – Eight Sleep – “leverages thermoregulation, data, and technology to design products to restore individuals to their peak energy levels every morning” Release

Health Tech Rebus Puzzle

OK, we are back with a new health tech puzzle.

How to play: This kind of puzzle is called a Rebus. Write down or think of the word for what’s pictured in each box as a starting point. Then swap letters (if you see =), or remove letters (when you see -), or add letters (when you see +) at the beginning, middle, or end of the words as noted. Then sound it out.

Hint: If you have ever attended a keynote presentation by a digital health visionary, then you have heard a human being say this sentence out loud.

Hit reply if you get it… 

That’s a wrap on E&O Mondays 031.
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